1. Money

Tax Credits

Not only can saving energy cut back on energy costs, but there are many tax credits that a home or business can recieve for using efficient products. Find out if you are eligible for tax credits for hybrid use or other energy efficiency practices.

Buy a Water Heater
The US Government has declared that certain energy efficient appliances qualify for a tax credit.

Hybrid Car Tax Credit
Hybrid Cars guide Eric Powers explains the 2006 hybrid car tax credit.

List of Eligible Hybrid Vehicles
Tax Planning guide William Perez lists hybrid vehicles that are eligible for a tax credit and how much the credit is worth.

DOE Tax Credits
The US Department of Energy explains specific tax credits for both the home and workplace.

IRS Energy Policy Act
The Internal Revenue Service explains the Energy Policy Act for Individuals. Learn how certain purchases can help save on taxes.

Tax Credits for Consumers
Tax credits are available for a host of energy saving products out on the market. If you are looking to buy a new car or appliance, make sure to check and see if your new purchase qualifies.

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