1. Money

Saving Energy at the Office

A business can increase its profitability by cutting back on energy costs. By practicing good business sustainability and training staff to conserve energy, the bottom line can see real growth.

Save Energy When Lighting Your Business
Lighting your business can potentially cut into business profits. Find ways to save energy and save money while keeping your business lit.

Daylighting Can Save Big
Daylighting skylights can save a business in big ways on their energy costs. Installing these on a roof allows a company to rely on the sun's light to provide lighting to employees and customers.

Energy Efficient IT
The new T1000 and T2000 servers from Sun Microsystems offer information technology a chance to join the energy efficiency movement.

Turn on Windows XP Power Save Option
Windows 2000 and XP has the ability to help you conserve energy at the workplace. Simply follow the steps given and your computer can start saving energy.

LED Lighting for Savings
LED lighting not only helps to attract customers, but its energy efficiency means a cost savings on the electric bill as well.

Rising Costs Spur Energy-Saving Actions
With the cost of energy rising, many businesses are responding by creating policies to save energy at the workplace.

Making the Case for Energy Efficiency
Find out how operating more efficiently can save your business money.

Energy Efficient Office Equipment
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy offers hints on how to buy energy saving equipment for the workplace.

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