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Home Energy Conservation Checklist


Ever since the late 1980's, energy conservation has been a hot topic of discussion. Conserving energy allowed us to protect the environment, reduce waste and by-products, conserve natural resources, and save money. Today, people have grown more socially responsible with the green movement gaining increased momentum from those in the inner city who look to reduce pollution to rural areas where support for biofuels has sparked an increase in agricultural production.

To help the average consumer, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACE3) publishes a manual called the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings. Included in this book are methods that homeowners can use to help reduce their energy use helping to save money and the environment. One of the best features of this publication is the checklist that describes what a person can do in their own home to start saving energy. The list is broken down into three categories, what a person can do today, what can be done this week, and what can be done this month.

Where this checklist is a valuable resource for energy-efficiency, it is only a checklist. To help explain the process a bit more, I have taken the steps provided by the ACE3 and modified them to explain each step in greater detail with examples for each.

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