1. Money

Heating the Home

Whether you use gas or oil for home heating is not the only factor in your heating cost. Home insulation and storm windows can help you save on home heating costs as well. Find out what other methods you can use to help save when the temperature drops.

Radiant-Floor Heating for Energy Savings
Radiant-floor heating can help the homeowner lower winter heating bills by making lower thermostat settings more comfortable around the house.

Heating Oil Defined
Heating oil defined. Know what heating oil is.

How HEAT Can Save Energy
Heating a home in the winter can chew up a home's energy use. You can save energy and save money by using the HEAT method recommended by the EPA.

Winterize Your Home For Energy Savings
During the cold winter months homeowners in most of the country find it necessary to turn on the heaters to keep warm. You can save energy when heating your home by taking the time to winterize for maximum energy savings.

Save on Home Heating Costs
Financial Planning guide Deborah Fowles offers advice on how to save money on home heating costs.

Oil vs. Gas Calculator
Calculate the cost difference between oil and gas heating with this online tool from UnionGas.

Why Switch From Oil to Gas, A Handyman's Story
Find out why this handyman switched from an oil furnace to a propane gas heating unit.

What You Need to Know About Heating Oil Prices
Out of the 107 million homes in the US, over 8 million use oil as thier primary fuel for heating the home during cold winter months. Generally, heating oil prices fluctuate, yet with costs on a steady incline, the consumer needs to be as educated as possible about what drives the price of home heating oil so high.

Natural Gas Prices
Follow the price of natural gas for US consumers. You can also follow trends in natural gas prices across the globe.

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