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Alternative Fuels for your Car and Gasoline Savings

There are many ways to cut down on automotive fuel costs. With so many options available, it is best to know how alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, hybrid cars, and ways to maximize your car's fuel efficiency can save you money.

Why Are Gas Prices Falling?
The cost of a gallon of gas has begun to drop recently, and some experts believe it could fall to around two dollars a gallon. Find out what is causing this favorable trend.

Fuel Efficient Automobiles by Class
Not everyone is looking for a small sized car when they want something that is fuel efficient. Here, we look at the most fuel efficient automobiles by class to find out where the fuel savings are.

The use of biodiesel has grown due to the high cost of diesel fuel in America.

Hybrid Vehicle
What exactly is a hybrid vehicle?

E85, a common alternative automobile fuel, may just help reduce the need for oil.

Flexible Fuel Vehicle
With rise in gas prices, many people are turning to hybrid cars or flexfuel vehicles to save money at the pump.

Tips for Saving Gasoline
Getting the best gas mileage you car has to offer can help save money when driving. These tips can help you increase gas mileage so you can save on gas prices right now.

What You Need to Know About Hybrid Cars
Hybrid cars are all the rage. About.Com's Eric Powers explains what hybrid cars are and how they work.

Gas Saving Suggestions
Your About.com guide to auto repair offers some suggestions for saving gas in these times of high fuel prices.

Owning a Hybrid Vehicle Spreadsheet
Want to know the true cost of owning a hybrid car? Find out where the hidden costs, and savings are before you purchase a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Savings Calculator
Want to see how much you would save in fuel costs by driving a hybrid? Ford provides this handy calculator to compare your vehicles cost to a Ford hybrid vehicle.

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