1. Money

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

Landscaping isn't just for looks, it can be extremely functional in saving energy as well. Learn how the right landscaping techniques can help heat and cool your home to save you energy.

Using Your Lawn as an Air Conditioner
Air conditioning costs can run high during the summer months. By keeping a well maintianed lawn, you can actually save money on your energy bill.

Planting Trees
Trees can offer shade and cut home cooling costs, but you need to know which trees to choose and where to plant them.

Energy Efficient Landscaping Primer
Landscaping not only beautifies the home, but it can save you energy as well. Learn how certain landscape designs can actually help cut your power bills.

University of Florida's Guide to Enviroscaping
Experts from the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences explains the most practical means of landscape design to save energy.

Urban Landscape Design
Landscape design for energy savings is not only for those with large backyards. The Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series(SULIS) from the University of Minnesota shows what those in the city can do to make use of nature's energy saving ability.

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