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Energy Efficient Design for the Home

Energy efficiency should be taken into consideration for any new home design. Learn what you can do to make you new house, or even your exisiting home, more energy efficient with different design techniques.

Home Energy Saver Calculator
This home energy calculator allows you to estimate savings on your electricity bill by using their expert recommendations.

Zero Energy Home
Imagine a home that produces more energy than it uses. That is exactly what the US Department of Energy's zero energy home initiative is setting out to do.

Green Building Concepts
Looking to build a home that maximizes energy savings? Going 'Green' may be the answer. Green building is a way to utilize renewable energy and other efficient means to power a building.

Elements of an Energy Efficient Home
What makes an energy efficient home? The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse provides design elements for a new home-builder to take into consideration for their project.

Zero Energy Homes
Is it possible for a home to use zero energy? Designers have found a way to combine highly energy-efficient design and technology with solar electric and thermal systems to produce as much energy as they use.

Defining an Energy Efficient Home
Looking to design your home for energy efficiency? Find out the basics first.

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