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The Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher Manufactuers


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Updated May 13, 2014
A typical dishwasher heats water between 135 degrees Farenheit to 140 degrees Farenheit. This, added to the energy used to operate the machine itself, and energy consumed when heat is used to dry the dishes after a cycle (averaging 493 kWh per hour) can add up to an annual cost of $48.36 if you are using electric and substantially lower if you are using gas. At a bare minimum, the more efficient Energy Star products utilize 380 kWh annually costing the consumer $37.28 for electrical heating, again the costs are lower when heated by gas.

The decision to use a more energy efficient dishwasher in itself is a smart decision, however energy savings can be maximized by looking at the Energy Star models that are rated as the most energy efficient. The following 11 dishwashers have displayed the highest standards for energy efficiency in yearly energy consumption for standard capacity dishwashers. When calculating the annual costs, the national average reflects costs associated with electrical water heating. For those who utilize gas heaters, their costs will be significantly less per year.

Most Energy Efficient Dishwashers

ManufacturerModel kWh/YearCost Per Year*
Asko D3121XL 278 $27.27
Asko D3251FI 231 $22.66
Asko D3331XL 242 $23.74
Asko D3531FIXL 194 $19.03
Frigidaire FDB510LC 337 $33.06
Frigidaire FDB750RC 328 $32.18
Frigidaire FDB780RC 319 $31.30
Frigidaire PLD2850R 343 $33.65
Frigidaire PLD3460R 329 $32.74
General Electric GSM1800J 239 $23.45
Maytag MDB4651 346 $33.94

*Based on the national average of 9.81 cents per kWh .
NB - Some models have duplicates where only the aesthetics differ. These similar models have been left out to include a wider range for the reader.

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