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Corn is one of the major sources of bioenergy in the US and Canada.

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Definition: Bioenergy comes from any fuel that is derived from biomass - recently living organisms or their metabolic byproducts. Biomass can include matter such as cow manure. Unlike other natural resources such as petroleum, coal and nuclear fuels, bioenergy is a renewable energy source. <br><br> Like all methods used to generate energy, the combustion of biomass generates pollution as a by-product. However, because the carbon in biofuels was recently extracted from atmospheric carbon dioxide by growing plants, the combustion of a biofuel does not result in a net increase of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere.
Also Known As: Biofuels
Agricultural products specifically grown as a source of bioenergy include corn and soybeans, grown primarily in the United States, as well as flaxseed and rapeseed, grown primarily in Europe. <br><br> Biodegradable waste such as; straw, timber, manure, sewage, biodegradable waste and food leftovers from industry, agriculture, forestry, and households can also be used to produce bioenergy.

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