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Saving Energy September 2006 Archive


Clinton Global Initiative

Thursday September 28, 2006
Much of the focus on the Clinton Global Initiative seems to be surrounding the President's recent appearance on Fox News Sunday where he and Chris Wallace didn't quite see eye ... Read More

Heating Costs Estimates Fall with Gasoline Prices

Monday September 25, 2006
We've all breathed a sigh of relief as gasoline prices have begun to fall sharply over the last couple of weeks. The national average is now down to $2.38 a ... Read More

Dell Joins the Fight for Efficient Computing

Sunday September 17, 2006
We have seen how Sun Microsystems was the first to enter the arena of energy efficient IT when it released its UltraSPARC processors in its T1000 and T2000 servers. As other ... Read More

Two Dollars for a Gallon of Gas?

Tuesday September 5, 2006
Yes, you did read that correctly. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service believes that gasoline prices could fall that low in the near future. "I'd ... Read More

The Greening of New Orleans

Monday September 4, 2006
Brad Pitt has grabbed quite a few headlines lately as a result of his newest project. No it's not the next box office smash, rather an effort to rebuild some ... Read More

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